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A Thousand Moments Like Those

We may never have a moment where we just chill. no need to say anything. we sit and not speak, where we'll sit and just think. with no words needed. they will remain unspoken. and thought is our token. I'd like it better if we, just, relax, because we don't have to try. I'll know what you… Continue reading A Thousand Moments Like Those

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My Namesake (cont’d)

“Whuddabout the othuh name?” I asked. “Whea you git Oshea from?” “I got it from this music artist I used tuh like,” my dad answered, again with little explanation. I thought through the old-school artists I knew my dad listened to, but the name Oshea did not jog my memory of late-80’s/early-90’s hip hop and… Continue reading My Namesake (cont’d)

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My Namesake

I told my friend I liked him once but I guess he didn’t return the feelings, and he turned me down. I was hopelessly rejected. I was distraught. I was alone. I was single. He didn’t want me. But to be honest, I was none of those things besides single. I had little to no… Continue reading My Namesake