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Sunlight Flower

I met this girl once; let’s call her Joyce. I first met Joyce at church. She was fit and beautiful. She was cute and adorable. She looked as young as 16 and as old as 20. I settled in the middle, 18 years old. Her skin was smooth and even and her smile was glowing. Her style was intriguing with her daring heels, cheerful colors, and playfully flowing skirt.

She had clearly been there before. She didn’t seem like the newcomer who was unfamiliar of her surroundings. She was comfortable as if it had been her own home. But she was also different than most young girls you see at church. A lot of girls have a sense of overcautiousness, hesitation or timidity, but she walked purposefully, with fearlessness and confidence. She stood with her shoulders back and her head upright, but she didn’t beg for attention. Her bold posture was simply a part of her natural demeanor. She spoke freely and loved conversation and everything about her stature was unafraid, but in her heart she held a sense of pain. Why, young flower, are you so afraid? Why do you give yourself such heartache and shame?

You, my friend, are meant to be bright. Don’t focus on the minor details that try diligently to hide your light. Don’t let them worry you and keep you up at night. They will be tempting and they will seem so intriguing, but I assure you they are not worth your invaluable time. You, my dear, are meant to smile and shine. Do you believe me? You are meant to burst with light from inside, and you will attract hearts like flowers are drawn to sunshine. How do you start, you wonder? Just take one step, and ignore the dark… 

And another step tomorrow, and protect your heart. Find things you love and busy yourself with things you like. And keep taking steps; trudge toward victory! And press toward the mark of His high calling! I believe in you! And one day that pain will be a distant memory. 

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