All, Love, Poems

What I Wanted

If you asked me what I wanted in life,
I wouldn’t think of a career first or money,
Or any of the finer things.
I wouldn’t think of a house or silly cars that will all fall apart anyway,
And so unpredictable, and little danger-boxes.
I do love traveling, you know that,
And I love new experiences, and roaming, climbing, going and seeing,
But I wouldn’t think of that first.
I’d think of my family and friends of course, and their smiles. I’d think of purpose! And accomplishment and fulfillment!
But even before all of that,
and I don’t know how
you managed to maneuver your presence–your essence–right into the middle of my heart, like you’re doing right now.
And I’ve found
That if you’d asked what I’d want in my life,
I’d think… you ;]

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