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We Can Do More

Why aren’t we praying for our neighbors, you know that dangerous city next door that everyone avoids? Why aren’t we praying for backsliders? Why aren’t we laying hands on the chairs, walls, and on the altar before every service? Why is there no congregational prayer before we begin in the sanctuary for the people who will be attending the service in the sanctuary? Why don’t we confront controversies? And ask the hard questions? Like the fact that we know people who hail that controversial flag, which to me is the equivalent of treason, considering that was a revolutionary uprising, in addition to the fact that the movement supported and relied on the violent segregation and subduing of an entire group of people. Why are we just like the world—proud, self-serving and hyper-critical of others? But we barely point those same fingers to question the sincerity of our own hearts. We push so much obligatory involvement, though we don’t encourage young adults to find and pursue their passion, their unique calling. Because what He sees is not always what we see, and what the leaders think. And how are they to grow if they don’t even know their gifts? Don’t get me wrong, our activities and our gatherings are good. But I have to ask when will we teach the lost? When will we pray for souls? 

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