Love, Poems

The Beginning Between

I don’t like that I’m writing about you. It’s cheesy. But I also kind of like to. Because I like to think of all the reasons I’m falling for you. I like remembering your smile, your dimples, your scruff against my fingers.
I like remembering your hands in mine, your thumbs running over my palm lines, your skin.

Ooh! Can I be frank for a second? And say that I love your brown skin?
It’s funny because we’re both the same, in a sense, that we’ve only dated outside our race, until this very instance.
But I don’t love your skin for the color; I love it for everything you’ve made of it, everything it represents. You know the best of my both worlds.
You understand my background and you relate, not because you get it but because you’ve lived it.
And at the same time, you’ve never let it define you. You stand tall above it with all stereotypes behind you. You break barriers and leave no room for walls. You wake up with intention, determined, to become the person you always aspire to be.
Because that’s who you want to be.
It has nothing to do with what your skin says you should be.
I admire your consistency.

I must admit, however, that it’s much too soon to tell where we are going. I cannot say I know you well and we’re still only in the beginnings.
But I must say I do enjoy you.
And sometimes I get nervous, often actually. I’m too young and silly. And too unaware and naïve. Often, I feel innocent and insecure.
But you never make me feel that way.
Sometimes, I feel like you’re just being charming when you admire me or say I’m cute. But I also know you wouldn’t say something unless you thought it true.
On the contrary, you make me feel special and valued.
You treat me like a precious person,
And an honorable woman.
I feel like a queen with you.
You’re easy to talk to and interesting to listen to. My friend, I feel safe and comfortable when I’m with you.

But again… I must admit
I still don’t how far we’ll get.
I hope you’re not a thief in the night or a wolf in disguise.
I hope you are just as sweet as you seem, and more than just a dream.
Because if I’m honest, I hope we go the distance.

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