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A Letter To My Christians

I don’t just want to like you; I want to love you like I love my good friend and call him big brother. I want to be able to talk to you and have enticing, thought-provoking and inspiring conversation. I don’t want to be identical, but I hope we can be relatable. I want to encourage you and support you when you’re down. I want to pray for you when your brother hurts because I know it breaks our heart, and that breaks mine. I want to be proud of you and introduce you to all the people I meet. I want to talk about you and adorn you with beautiful remarks. But now when I need you, I fear I can’t trust you.

I pray for you every day when I wake up. I want to know you and look up to you. I want you to understand me and favor me as your pupil. I want to be faithful to you and give you my loyalty. I want to honor you and prove my integrity. I want to heed your instruction and learn from your suggestion. I’ll read your verses. I’ll exercise; I’ll study and take notes. Teach me so I’ll know. I want to learn the way to go. But now when I need you, I have to question your judgment.

I want to be your sister. I want to laugh with you and cry with you. As a friend, I assure you I will help you when you’re weak. I’ll be there for you when you’re not strong and pick you up when you fall. I will feed you when you’re hungry and carry you when you can’t walk. I’ll tend to you when you’re sick and push you when you think you’ve reached your limit. You will be on your own at times, but I’ll remind you that you are never alone. Because when you need me, I’ll never leave. But now when I cry, you abandon me.

I want to rejoice with you; I do. But now in my mourning, you ignore me. But without you, how should we find our way? I desperately strive. I do incessantly try to love you. But please, you gotta meet me halfway.

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