Something About Writing

Something about writing helps me. I don’t know what it is, but it brings me back to some place where I’m free. And I want to use it for the glory of God, because He is so good to me. But also because He is so good all the time. He is amazing. And He really is just pure LOVE. Everything about Him comes from that, and can based on that very statement alone.

But I believe everyone has that capacity, that place within them that wants to be FREE to LOVE. For me, I can love through writing, and singing, and praying, and making things. Some other people can write and do other things to show beauty and glorify God.

But people forget that just because it’s God-given, doesn’t mean that people always use their gifts for the glory of Him who gave it. Our gifts should be used for His glory, but we compromise our hearts and lock them in the cages of the world. Instead of letting ourselves be free to the purity of His lovingkindness.

Our gifts are important, but most important is that we praise God with them, not just hav them for the sake of having them. To make our gifts great, we must make His name great.

Otherwise, it’s all meaningless. We all die and leave this world anyway. Why not praise the One who reign forever ;))


  • Love forwords.



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